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Another look at blue


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Kin Unite Page 1

Kin Unite Page 1

I’ve finally started the comic that I’ve always wanted to start. My main problem with getting this started was that I didn’t know how to get started. Before I would just pick up my pencil and start drawing a comic. I would spend maybe an hour or two and end up not liking what it was I created. This would leave me discouraged and uninterested in trying again. However, this time around, I decided to make a script for this page. In my script I was able to plan out my story, the panels, and dialogue. Once I had all of that stuff preplanned, it was much easier to make the comic organized, and too my liking. This did take me quite some time, but now that I have an established process with my script, I should be able to make more pages soon enough.

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Caricature: Take Two

Me update

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Fear of Aging


This is another work for my fear series. In this piece, I tend to make heavy use of value. This enables my work to look three dimensional. Since I have the concept of the man looking into a mirror depicted, it would make sense for the piece to pop out, just to show that there is space between the man and the mirror. I also made use of perspective, which I think, brings the piece together. It feels as if you’re looking at the mirror from behind the man. The perspective helps bring you into the world and experience what he is experiencing from the mirror.  Lastly, what keeps the piece together is the use of consistency. I tend to use the same tones and lightweights in the hair, face, clothes, and ears. This helps to keep the piece realistic, which keeps the viewers eyes from darting around the page too much.

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Fear of Commitment


When making this work for my fear series I had to consider a few things. I had to think about what I wanted it to say to the viewer. In most cases, people think a male figure doesn’t want to stay in a committed relationship. So, I decided to play off that belief and wanted to show some way a male figure could be bound to a female. When thinking about the word “bound,” the first thing that comes to mind is chained. Once, I had the concept figured out I began looking up references. I began first drawing up the female head, but when it got to the face, I wanted decided to leave it blank. I felt as if this way, it would make it possible for the roles to be reversed for any women looking at the piece. Maybe they could fear a relationship with a guy. Finally, I drew up the guy and just like the female I decided to leave his face bare, so that guys may think of themselves in that position.

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This is the start of a collection of work that I’m going to call my “Fear Series.” In this series, I’m going to draw the manifestation of fears people may have. I thought it would be nice to start off with a feeling I’m sure most people have felt at one point and that is insecurity. We’ve all had that feeling where we don’t feel as confident as we should. Maybe, we think somebody is better than us in something or we just don’t feel like we’re up to par with our work. In this piece, I show what it feels like to be lesser than others.  It doesn’t matter what the context is, but what we can all relate to is that the girl in this group feels smaller than everyone else. You can tell she feels uncomfortable by the movement in her hands and the expression on her face. She doesn’t even seem to want to look in anyone’s direction. At some point in our lives, we’ve all been in the same situation and can sympathize with the girl to some point.

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