Photo Scavenger Hunt

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This isn’t the average scavenger hunt. Rather than just looking for what we thought would fulfill the hunt, we had to also look for the perfect angle, lighting, and moment to snap these shots. Still, perfect, wasn’t perfect enough. We had to take it to the next level and create something beyond the word perfect with these photos. Constant adjustment to the frame, contrast, saturation , and etc, has given each and every picture a new and unique feeling.

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Bone Study

Untitled-3Bone Study.png

For the my bone study, I referenced a bunch of photos of not only bones, but muscles as well. Muscles kind of tearing off the body just interested me and I wanted to do something that referenced that. My most successful part of the piece was definitely the side with muscles. The directionality of the lines and shading shows how tight the muscles are and makes them distinguishable. On the other hand, I don’t feel like the ribs were a failure at all. I got to try out a technique that I have been learning from previous project that really made the ribs look hollowed out. It’s called atmospheric perspective and it really does help with bringing the sternum and front part of the ribs forward and having the back part sit in the back.

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After completing the creation story comic,I was able to look forward to my self portrait. It was because I had paid so much attention to color and value in the last project that I was able to come forth and make a better project. If I hadn’t focused so much on figuring out how light interacted with shadows, this project wouldn’t have come out as good as it did. It shows a strong use of contrast that just makes things much more dynamic, giving the portrait a serious feel. It also utilizes atmospheric perspective giving appearance that my body is a little turned as I look down towards you or whatever it is that I am looking at.


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Uhm…Tech Support

In the year 3001, William really needs some tech support

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Let me see somethingits working

These two silhouettes were part of a group project. I was responsible for these two and they show off the coming together as a couple.

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Colored Caricature

Caricature2Caricature Colored

Caricatures are an exaggeration on how people look at you. This caricature is one made by myself and how I believe people view me as well as how I view myself. Feature wise, I have been told that my nose is big and flat and also big bushy eyebrows. I also receive the comment of me having small ears and broad shoulders. I attempted to capitalize on that without exaggerating too much to the point where the photo was too much of a joke. I believe that succeeded on this because the picture to me still seems serious.

I wanted the picture to remain as serious as possible while still being serious because I am known to be a serious guy. I’m also quiet and usually keep to myself. This is where I don’t think I was quiet as successful, but I believe it still works. Perhaps if I were to change the color scheme around I would be able to get a different vibe from the picture. I also included my process above on how I reached the final process.

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Final Exam-A New Look to Fire

Final for Sandy2

When we often think of fire the first thing that comes to our heads is a powerful, unstoppable force of destruction. We fear it because we know it can hurt us. However, we should take a new look at fire. Fire itself is a work of art, with it’s various curves and waves. Fire can be a collidescope ¬†of colors, and if contained right, can be a huge asset to us. We should view fire as not only destruction, but as life itself.


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