About Me

Project 5

Hello! My name is William Campbell and I’m a student at AlfedState College. Here on my WordPress post projects and any other work I make along the way. I’m currently studying Graphic Design in hopes to be able to work on Game Art in the future. I’ve always enjoyed the art that sways somebody to buy a game. If I’m not able to get a job making game art, I would still enjoy being able to make websites, design logos, or even do video editing. These are more than just contingency plans for if my initial dream job doesn’t work out. I am just as passionate about web design, designing logos, and video editing. For web design, I have already considered designing one for my church and hope to do an outstanding job. Logos have always interested me as well. Instead of being that guy that wonders, “Who made that?” I want to be the guy that made that logo. Video editing also holds a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid. I would go on Windows Movie Maker and just mess around with family photos/videos.

Software Expertise 

Paint Tool Sai


Adobe Premier

Adobe Indesign

Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

Related Work 




Ergo Magazine 2015

Bret Llewellyn Gallery 2015






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