About Me

Project 5

Don’t know Me? Well this is what you need to know. I’m currently an aspiring, young, graphic designer. Here on my WordPress I post projects on my way to the success. I invite all that visit to join me on my endless journey. There will be many ups and downs, but nothing will deter my passion and ambition for a career in Graphic Design or a variation of Digital Art. Originally, my plan was to study Graphic Design in hopes to be able to work on Game Art in the future. I envisioned working for gaming companies like Nexon, Riot Games, or Tencent. These companies have made games that I enjoyed immensely and the art for their characters is filled with such fluidity and life that I can’t help but want to be able to make that work as well. I’ve always enjoyed the art that sways somebody to buy or play a game. I look at the work and think, “Who made that?” I would love to be able to invoke that same thought with the work I make in the future. If I’m not able to get a job making Game Art, I would still enjoy being able to make websites, design logos, or even do video editing. I know that Graphic Designers have a vast collection of skills and have a many possible careers they can work in. Since starting college I’ve picked up a broad arrangement of skills. These aren’t just contingency plans though. I genuinely love designing websites and logos. Currently, I’m in the middle designing a website for a church. I’ve met with the pastors and have been working diligently ever since. I can tell this is a field I’m going to be interested in for my whole life. As for video editing, I’ve worked on a few videos while studying at college and I’ve made things that I can say are pretty good. On top of that I had a blast creating them and can’t wait to keep learning to make them better and better. I have a great deal to learn and a long journey ahead of me, but I know this is a journey I have to make to be able to do what I love!

Software Expertise 

Paint Tool Sai


Adobe Premier

Adobe Indesign

Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Powerpoint

Related Work 




Ergo Magazine 2015

Bret Llewellyn Gallery 2015



The Rock Church of God (rockchurchofgod.wordpress.com)




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