Fear of Commitment


When making this work for my fear series I had to consider a few things. I had to think about what I wanted it to say to the viewer. In most cases, people think a male figure doesn’t want to stay in a committed relationship. So, I decided to play off that belief and wanted to show some way a male figure could be bound to a female. When thinking about the word “bound,” the first thing that comes to mind is chained. Once, I had the concept figured out I began looking up references. I began first drawing up the female head, but when it got to the face, I wanted decided to leave it blank. I felt as if this way, it would make it possible for the roles to be reversed for any women looking at the piece. Maybe they could fear a relationship with a guy. Finally, I drew up the guy and just like the female I decided to leave his face bare, so that guys may think of themselves in that position.


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