Colored Caricature

Caricature2Caricature Colored

Caricatures are an exaggeration on how people look at you. This caricature is one made by myself and how I believe people view me as well as how I view myself. Feature wise, I have been told that my nose is big and flat and also big bushy eyebrows. I also receive the comment of me having small ears and broad shoulders. I attempted to capitalize on that without exaggerating too much to the point where the photo was too much of a joke. I believe that succeeded on this because the picture to me still seems serious.

I wanted the picture to remain as serious as possible while still being serious because I am known to be a serious guy. I’m also quiet and usually keep to myself. This is where I don’t think I was quiet as successful, but I believe it still works. Perhaps if I were to change the color scheme around I would be able to get a different vibe from the picture. I also included my process above on how I reached the final process.

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