In this animation I make use of the Phenakistoscope to make motion. I had intended to challenge myself with an animation that was a bit more dynamic. I had become obsessed with the notion of making something that appears flat and 2D spin and become 3D. I had chosen a shape I liked and that would be fairly challenging to move in space. In addition I had to give thought to what I was going to put in the middle. Originally I had thought a star would’ve been nice, but came to realize that would’ve been boring. I modeled the star in the middle after a shrunken(throwing star).

I have succeeded in using overlapping lines to make it appear as if the star pops out towards you. I also did a little bit of shading to add depth not only to the star in the slots, but to the huge star in the middle. If I could work on anything else more it would be the star in the middle. The spinning motion I got out of it is nicer than expected, but I would’ve liked for it to pop out more.

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