Biomorphic Animal: Jaguar Survival Suit

Biomorphic Animal

This is a Jaguar of the future

This is a Jaguar of the future! One without the problems of the present day world. As we know today, Jaguars are an endangered species. My objective was to give them a tool that would annihilate their current day problems. My solution was a full body suit that would address each of their major problems of habitat loss, poaching, and ability to gather food.
The Jaguar, also known as Panthera Onca, has been endangered since 1947. They reside in South America, inhabiting thick jungles, forests in coastal and shore locales, Rees thickets, scrublands, and marshes. Their major problem was habitat loss. Humans continue to move in and build on Jaguar habitats, blocking migration routes. From this sprouted the first design for my Jaguar survival suit. The suit enhances their fighting abilities, making them run faster and strike deadlier. With these adaptions they would be able to defend their homes if someone would trespass.
The suit may enhance their abilities, but if they can’t keep up with manmade technology, what’s the point? Poachers would probably still try to kill them for their unique rosette-spotted coats. The Jaguar survival suit received its first update and gained a reinforced steel alloy, that was flexible for the Jaguar’s to move in and strong enough to protect against bullets, knives, and etc. This would allow them to fend off poacher assaults.
The survival suit was almost near perfection. It had yet to help Jaguar’s gather food. There were 2 more updates that solved this problem. The first was a camouflage device within the suit. It isn’t perfect, but it keeps them hidden enough to stalk on prey. Along with this update, it was brought to my attention that for Jaguar’s with no current habitats would need time to get food. The suit uses solar energy to make artificial nutrients for those Jaguar’s, increasing the time they can go without food or water by 2 more weeks.
When pitching this idea in class, it got some good remarks. The drawing itself used a lot of value. The shading on the suit was use to distinguish the form as well. What took away from the drawing though was the absence of background. Jordan told me to help combat that I could give the background a gray tint with the shammy.

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