Witty Willeh


       Water Color Block, Paper, Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, 2015

This design conveys that I’m witty. The crumpled paper balls are a metaphor for my personality, showing my simplicity underneath my true exterior. On top of the picture plain I drew and added color, showing off some of my clever and funny nature. The picture also gives you an idea of what goes on in my head when I had looked at the original picture. The crumpled paper balls created a complex drawing in their indivual form. By utilizing color in the lines of my point and line plane, I am bringing life to the design. It establishes more definite forms that feel like they can move around. By creating a few different characters, you can relate to the design and look for a deeper meaning.

Using this metaphorical design, I am able to display different ideas in one visual context. Within the design, line and shape are used to express complexity that is contained in simplicity. Therefore, the crumpled paper balls are a perfect example of that complex, yet simple idea. Just looking at the surface of the crumpled paper you wouldn’t think much about it. Crumpled paper is nothing new and wouldn’t leave much of a memorable impression,which is the intent of metaphor in the first place. If you look further for a deeper meaning by looking at every ridge and crevice, then highlighting those discoveries in an attracting way, you bring forth a new memory of the once simple crumpled paper balls.

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